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Putting Zest Into Your pre-taped network marketing prospect conference calls

Contacting your network marketing prospect list can be an exhausting task. If you have done your homework, utilized any of the numerous resources online for gathering prospects, or paired with another website to share prospects, chances are you have a lot of work on your plate. To minimize your workload and make your phone time more effective, you might try utilizing pre-taped phone calls to contact your prospects for the first time and weed out those who aren’t interested in your offer. These pre-taped calls, usually through a company that will utilize a computer system to send out your mass calls, are about a minute or two long, so they have to be good. Read on to find out how you can put some zest into your pre-taped calls and ignite interest in even the t0ughest sell.

First, think long and hard about the most important facts you need to convey to your prospects. Your call should not be all hype. People get hundreds of emails every day promising overnight millions, so you really need to offer them something more substantial than promises. On the other hand, it is essential to leave some mystery so they will be intrigued to call you back. I suggest making a list of three to five quick facts about your offer and company that you can quickly share. These facts should introduce your product, make a quick case for the growing market and desire for your product, and end with the advantages of calling you back and joining the team. This easy formula can make your call much easier to write and decrease all of the guesswork.

Second, talk sincerely and openly into the phone. You don’t have to be overly enthusiastic to have a strong effect on your listeners. Sounding confident and call will convey the strength of your business whether they call you back or not, and will deter any concern that this might be a quick scam.

Finally, provide two ways people can reach you to learn more information. Give a phone number for return calls, but provide a second means for those who are more timid ab9ut calling. An email address or website will attract those who might be on the fence and will give you a second chance to reel them in.

Your pre-taped phone call doesn’t need to be a source of stress because it is supposed to be a source of qualified candidates for your downline. Done correctly and according to this formula, you will find that your network marketing prospect list is a gold mine just waiting for your call.

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