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Three Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money With Your Work at Home

If you have decided to work at home, there are times that you may wonder why you ever made that decision. The truth is, it can be quite difficult to make money by working from your home. However, before you make a choice to give it up and go back to working for someone else, sit down and figure out why it is not working out for you. The following are three reasons why you may not be making any money:

1. You either do not have a resume or your resume is not adequate. If you are not taking your work at home seriously, no one else is going to either. If you do not have a resume to submit with your application for a job, you are not going to get it. There are thousands of people that are looking for the same type of work. When you apply for a job working from home, unlike an outside job, you are in competition with hundreds of others. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your resume is the best that it can be. If you are unsure of whether yours is adequate, it may be worth hiring someone else to help you with it.

2. You are not actively searching for new work. While you can upload your resume to a variety of online job sites, if you are not actively searching for work, you are going to have a difficult time making any money. Everyday, you should spend at least an hour looking at new opportunities. While we all wish that new work will simply fall in our laps, you must realize that it is more than likely never going to actually happen.

3. You are not applying for those jobs that you have the skills to do. Just like any other job, you must prove that you can handle the work. If your resume does not show experience in that type of work, you will not get the job. For this reason, when you work at home, the best thing you can do is continuously work on improving the skills you have and taking online classes to learn more skills.

Three Popular Methods to Earn Money Working From Home

Whether you want to just put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket each month or you are searching for a new career, the Internet can help you to find something that will allow you to work at home. Getting involved with the online business world may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. But, which opportunity may be the best for you? The following are three of the most popular methods to earn money working from home:

Multi Level Marketing
The multi level marketing business is not just a way to earn money working from home. It can be a way to completely change your lifestyle. Many people do start out with the hopes of putting a little bit of cash in their pockets, but many turn it into a fulltime career. In very simple terms, when you join a MLM business, your job is to sell the products and the opportunity. In other words, you must work to recruit more people into this business. Your pay consists of money earned from commissions on the products you sell, as well as a portion of the commissions on products sold by your recruits. Because of the structure of the business, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Affiliate Marketing
If you enjoy the marketing aspect of a business, but don’t want to have to worry about recruiting new members, you may want to consider affiliate marketing. With this method, you join a business as an affiliate and market their products. There is no limit to how many businesses you can join. Anytime a consumer purchases a product from your link, you earn money. This work can be time consuming, but as long as you are choosing great products to sell, you can make this business work for you part time or full time.

Online Auctions
Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ventures is that into the world of online auctions. You can earn money working from home by selling products in the auctions. You can either sell your own products that you make, buy them from a wholesaler to resell in the auctions, or join a drop shipping company. Regardless of how you get your products, you always want to make certain you choose products that will sell, so that you can earn money, even if it just a few extra dollars a month for you.

The Best Network Marketing Leads

The best network marketing leads are the ones that offer themselves by personally opting in through a portal. This way you can be sure they still have a pulse. Much of the time lists that you buy have been sold and resold several times and although they are advertised as ‘fresh’, can be years old. This is why so many bounce from invalid addresses, respond with surly attitude to telephone calls, give no response to eMails, and even bother to report spam complaints.

Look at the difference between someone asking you for information and inviting you to contact them, versus someone who has no idea who you are or why you are contacting them. Marketing in general is always supposed to be a positive environment with communication being productive. If you have to start a conversation with explaining how you got their private information and apologizing that they have no recollection of ever asking anyone to contact them, you are not starting out in your best light.

The best network marketing leads come from techniques that would likely involve offering something for free such as a report, newsletter or eBook (the portal). The lead initiates the contact by opting in with their name, eMail address and/or phone number. Your contact is welcomed since they personally requested it. Even more advantageous is that you have an opportunity to build a relationship of trust when you fulfill your promise to send them something. Subliminally they may feel that they owe you something and this may compel them to take action and do business with you in the future.

Another good way to get good network marketing leads is through a blog. You can start publishing content where you are discussing a topic related to what you are selling. Note this is not a blatant advertisement, but is valuable information. You want to use this opportunity to promote yourself as an expert in your field who is willing to share knowledge freely. You may invite your readers to contact you for ‘the entire article’ or the ‘whole report’, whereby you are able to get their personal information in order to do so; or you may invite them to contact you to discuss their goals.

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